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Origamic Architecture

Pop-Up Card Sites

3D Paper by Hung Hsin-Fu
Hung Hsin-Fu is a paper sculptor. This site showcases his amazing work, including a small collection of OA-style pop-up cards.
AmazingPopup has several eBooks with patterns for OA-style pop-up cards.
American Craft Museum
The American Craft Museum's Origamic Architecture exhibit runs May 18th, 2001 through September 2, 2001. This excellent exhibit features works by Masahiro Chatani, Keiko Nakazawa, Takaaki Kihara, Marivi Garrido, and Ingrid Siliakus. If you are anywhere near New York City during the exhibit, do not miss it!
Ann Handicraft
Ann Handicraft is a popup greeting card manufacturer in HaNoi Vietnam.
Baud et Bui - Paper Work
This excellent site features 15 original designs by Rene Bui. There are construction tips and downloadable patterns in zipped Word Write format files.
Bovine Designs
This site primarily features traditional pop-up books. There is a good, basic introduction to OA-style card design in the articles section.
Card Cutters Creations
Card Cutters Creations has a small collection of OA-style pop-up card patterns for sale. They are rumored to be in a format appropriate for the various cutting machines currently gaining in popularity.
Creative Popup Cards
A collection of tutorials and templates, some for sale, some free from OA enthusiast Rich.
David Hathaway
David Hathaway's OA page includes a pattern in PDF format for his original design, Bankside Power Station/Tate Gallery of Modern Art, London.
DMOZ Origamic Architecture Links
This Open Directory (DMOZ) category, maintained by Shawn Fumo, lists sites about Origamic Architecture.
Extreme Cards and Papercrafting
The website of popup and papercrafting enthusiast Carol P includes tutorials on basic popup mechanisms and, a number of specific design tutorials.
Extreme Cards Blog
Pop-up card enthusiast CPEEP provides regular entries on various pop-up card projects, complete with patterns and, a nice series of beginner tutuorials on pop-up paper mechanisms.
Festival Of Origami Architecture
The National Building Museum in Washington D.C. is holding another Festival Of Origami Architecture on March 30, 2002. Mr. Takaaki Kihara will be participating. See the site for additional details. UPDATE: As of July, 2002, the NBM has taken down the page. The link now goes to Google's cached version.
filigrane kirigamicArchitecture
OA-style pop-up cards and, a number of free patterns to download.
Gallery 91
Gallery 91 is a good source for OA books and finished commercial cards for anyone in New York.
Gaudi and Barcelona Club
This page has some pictures of cards by Marivi Garrido and Ingrid Siliakus.
Geomancy Cards
This is the site for the California gallery Geomancy, showcasing the work of Hamid Zadeh. The site includes images of OA models of an impressive array of historical buildings from around the world, including the California Missions and various extant and reconstructed structures. Great attention has been paid to historical accuracy and detail. The building designs are fabulous. Be sure to check out the other non-OA work as well.
H-Imagine Studio / Yasushi Shibata
Yasushi Shibata's includes a gallery with pictures (and a few animations) showing various designs - mostly multi-piece 180-degree style pop-up cards. The dozen models currently on display include a train with platform, the space shuttle, a coffee cup, a toaster, a very elaborate castle, and more.
Handmade Papercraft Club
Yuichi Miyoshi's site includes several galleries with a large number of simple 90 and 180-degree OA-style cards, several downloadable patterns (as PDF documents), and construction instructions in Japanese and English.
Hilltop Studios
This site showcases the work of Chris Hankinson, including very impressive "Grand Piano" and "Cruise Ship" designs. There is a short explanation of the design process. Finished cards are available for sale.
Hiroko's Pop-Ups Design Room
Hiroko's site includes galleries of 90-degree and 180-degree style OA designs, notes on the design process, and a collection of hand-drawn patterns. The site is in both Japanese and English. The galleries load the full-sized images and display them as thumbnails. So, be patient when loading the pages. Some of the more traditional-looking OA designs are lower on the pages.
I miei lavori (Luciana Mancosu)
This is the site of Italian paper artist Luciana Mancosu. The \"kirigami\" gallery (to which this is a direct link) contains many excellent OA-style designs. Ther e are many 90- and 180-degree style cards with architectural, architecture-inspi red abstract, floral, and other themes.
IKO Origamic Architecture Gallery
Intricate 90-degree style architectural and architecturally-themed abstract designs. Site is in Japanese with minimal English. There are several small pattern images provided as graphics.
Isabel Uria
Book proposal, gallery and notes for a large collection of abstract OA-style popups from Isabel Uria.
Jagoda's Origamic Architecture
This page features a couple of original designs by Jagoda Djuran, featuring buildings from Yugoslavia.
Jun's Paper Craft Page
Jun Mitani is a paper sculptor and the author of a couple of programs for paper crafts. Tenkai generates patterns for paper models. 3D Card Maker assists in the creation of OA-style pop-up cards. Both programs are shareware and are available for download from his site. There are also a few patterns he generated with them.
K. Selena Kim's Home Page
This ambitious site has information on the OA exploits of Ms. Kim, an OA veteran of many years. She is on top of OA developments online, making her site a premier source for current OA info. My thanks to her for pointing me to many of the other sites on this list.
Kelly M. Houle's interest include anamorphic art, pop-up books and cards. The site includes pictures of some well-executed and very complicated OA piece and some behind-the-scenes production photographs and notes.
Libros Tarjetas y Mecanismos Pop Up
Hector Ugalde's Spanish language blog about pop-up books, cards and mechanisms. Lots of great stuff. If you don't read Spanish, try the Google translation of the site.
Live Your Dream Designs
This site features the Origamic Architecture cards of Joyce Aysta. Her laser-cut, hand-folded cards are available in sets of six for $39 USD.
The site of Boston-based popup artists Wombi Rose and John Wise features an online shop of their designs. They have a large number of sliceform-style cards and tented-style 180-degree open cards.
Luciana Mancosu
Gallery of OA cards from Luciana Mancosu.
Make Anything Popup
A collection of popup projects, some for sale, some free.
This site sells patterns for some simple OA card designs. Current prices range from free to $4 USD.
Marcos Garcia
The site of Marcos Garcia, son of Victor Garcia (a link to whose OA work you will find elsewhere on this page), features some amazingly intricate hand-cut graphic paper designs, including a couple with simple OA mechanisms.
Marivi's Origamic Architecture
This wonderful site profiles the original work of Marivi Garrido. Patterns to construct many of her marvelous pieces are again available online. There is also a separate site for Marivi's pop-up heraldry work (coats of arms.) Marivi is a very prolific OA artist so, be sure to re-visit the site often!
Masahiro Chatani
This is the website of Professor Masahiro Chatani, the founder of the origamic architecture style. The site is in Japanese, primarily but, there are English labels for the menu items so most folks will be able to find the pictures and the extensive book list.
Origami Paper Architecture
This is the corporate site for Brazilian OA designer Bassy Arcuschin Machado. The site includes their current catalog, with pictures.
Alexandra Husdal's Origami.no has evolved into a full-blown OA site, including an image gallery, links to an extensive PhotoPoint album with some good pictures, and animations.
Origamis Luiz Naveda
The site of Brazilian OA artist Luiz Alberto Bavaresco de Naveda is a work of art in itself and includes numerous images of his work, an animated image showing how an OA card opens and closes, a history of his involvement with OA, and a list of links to other sites. The main site is in Portuguese but, English and Spanish translations are in the works.
Paper Studio Pleasures
A Japanese site with minimal English. There are a number of origamic architecture style cards in the gallery.
Paperarchitecture by Ingrid Siliakus
At last Ingrid Siliakus has published a website showcasing her work. Lots of great pictures and information. Check it out!
Creative paper art from Paul Quek.
This site showcases the origamic architecture of Annelies Smit. There are several galleries of 90-degree style cards, including a number of buildings, some abstract designs, and some whimsical creations.
Peter Dahmen
Paper artist Peter Dahmen's work includes some sophisticated pop up cards.
Pop-Up Card Designer Pro
This appears to be the next evolution of Jun Mitani's 3D Card Maker software. This software is Windows XP and Vista shareware. Registration ($32 USD) allows you to save your projects.
Popup Cards on Pinterest
Popup cards on Pinterest.
Popup Workshop
Now at version 2.0, Popup Workshop is free software for Windows and Mac OS that helps in designing simple popups.
Popupology is the site for UK-based OA artist Elod Beregszaszi. Pictured here and currently featured on the front page of the site is a design created to raise money to support tsunami victims on Japan. Check it out, along with the other great work on the site. Patterns for a heart design and St. Paul's Cathedral are available as free downloads.
Robert Sabuda
The website for children's book and pop-up designer Robert Sabuda. The site has a gallery of pop-up designs by various artists, categorized by country; a very extensive bibliography; and plenty of information about Robert Sabuda's work.
Ryu's Pop-Up Card Design Room
Several galleries showcase a collection of 90-degree style origamic architecture designs. There are several architectural designs and a number of cartoon-style designs with a definite Japanese flavor. The site is primarily in Japanese with minimal English. There are a few patterns available for download in PDF format.
Studio Sakyo Paper Garden
This site features some magnificent origamic architecture-style pop up cards by Sakyo K. There are buildings from all over the world as well as some holiday card designs.There are a handful of downloadable patterns interspersed in the galleries.
Takaaki Kihara
Website of reknown origamic architect Takaaki Kihara. Kihara-san co-authored Origamic Architecture Goes World-Famous Buildings with Professor Chatani. The site features images of some pop-up cards from the book and links to several related articles.
Takaaki Kihara's Pop up Card Gallery
This is Takaaki Kihara-san's personal site. There are pictures of numerous OA and several animations, some interactive. The previous site is included here.
Takumi's Studio
Takumi Fukushima's simple site includes a gallery of some of his wonderful OA designs. Hilights include models of several world heritage sites (e.g., Mont Saint-Michel, Potala Palace in Tibet, Roskilde Cathedral in Denmark and El Castillo in Chichen Itza, Mexico), Japanese architecture and few multi-piece 180-degree ships and aircraft. Patterns for several of the models are available for download as PDFs.
Taviori 2
Another site with work by Romanian OA artist Taviori. The gallery here includes a beautiful collection of graceful tree designs, various abstracts, and some designs inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
Tekuila Origamic Architecture Gallery
Origamic architecture models by Tekuila. The site is in Russian but, this is a direct link to the galleries. There is also a livejournal blog and a flickr gallery by Tekuila.
Tjeerd Kuipers
Tjeerd Kuipers has a fine collection of very intricate 90-degree style OA building models. Several patterns (in PDF format) are offered for download.
Ongoing posts with new work by Ullagami. There is also an Etsy shop.
Unique Projects: How to Make a Pop Up Origami Card
This page has a pattern and instructions for making an abstract, stair-like OA-style pop-up card.
Victor Garcia
The graphic design work of Victor Garcia includes a number of OA-style pop-up cards.
Virtual Gallery of Origamic Architecture
Mr. Gerry Stormer has constructed most (all?) of Masahiro Chatani's pop-up designs over the last 8+ years. He has been kind enough to share images of many of his triumphs.
Wikipedia OA Entry
The Wikipedia on origamic architecture is not the most complete summary but, it is Wikipedia.
Willem's Origamic Architecture
A collection of pictures and patterns for several OA models. There is also a basic tutorial on designing your own OA cards and a list of links to other OA sites. Be warned: the WOA site relies heavily on Java.
Yasser Mahgoub
Dr. Yasser Mahgoub in Kuwait teaches origamic architecture in his Architectural Design classes at the College of Enginering and Petroleum. There are pictures of students working and of student's work.
Yee's Job
Canadian artist Yee has a number of impressive OA-style pop-up card designs on his site, including a complete set of Chinese zodiac cards and some very complex, multi-piece buildings. All works appear to be on sale in various forms.
There are a number of origamic architecture videos on YouTube, including this video of Masahiro Chatani. The main link goes to a search results page.

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